Heineken Malaysia Berhad IR
Heineken Malaysia Berhad

Stock Information

Analysis of Stockholdings

As of 28 March 2019

Share Capital : RM151,049,000
Number of Issued Shares : 302,098,000 ordinary stock units
Class of shares : Ordinary stock units
Voting rights : One vote per ordinary stock unit

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Substantial Stockholders as per Register of Substantial Stockholders

Substantial Stockholders

Directors' Interest

According to the Register of Directors' Shareholdings, save for the following Director, none of the other Directors (including the spouses or children of the Directors who themselves are not Directors of the Company) holding office as of 28 March 2019 had any interest in the ordinary stock units of the Company or its related corporations:

Substantial Shareholders

List of 30 Largest Stockholders As Per Record of Depositors

List Of 30 Largest Stockholders